Hosted by: Jenifer Reynolds and Dino Lalli

Hosted by: Jenifer Reynolds and Dino Lalli

Hitch a ride with us each week to discover friendly folks, tucked-away attractions, roadside eateries, and grand adventures – from the extreme... to the serene – plus, insider tips for making your next Oklahoma get-away unforgettable!


Discover Oklahoma is shown Saturdays at 6:30 pm on KTUL-8 in Tulsa, KFOR-4 in Oklahoma City, KSWO-7 in Lawton. Or at 5:00 pm Saturday on KXII, Sherman/Denison, Texas and KCTU in Wichita, Kansas.

AIR DATE: July 25, 2015

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#1023 Lovations: Oklahoma City, Woodward, Broken Arrow, Jones

This week on Discover Oklahoma, we'll do a lil shopping Oklahoma style. We'll visit an Indian Art shop in OKC, find some home décor in Woodward, get some homemade jewelry in Broken Arrow, and don't forget the food...we'll grab some in Jones.


Indian Art Oklahoma
4716 N MacArthur Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK

Indian Art Oklahoma features handcrafted and authentic Native American Indian items from local tribal artists. They carry a large inventory of turquoise jewelry, Pueblo pottery, artwork, sculpture, beaded Cheyenne moccasins and other beaded items, artifacts, flutes, decorative items, Native American music, movies and much more. They also carry some supplies for beadwork and other crafts. With the same owner since 1987, Indian Art Oklahoma offers a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere and a helpful and cheery staff.

Just Beyond the Door
812 Texas St
Woodward, OK

Just Beyond The Door in Woodward is a one-of-a-kind store with a variety of home décor, gifts, furniture and gourmet food. Some items include pottery, lighting, mirrors, frames, Western décor, flameless candles, Jan's Pickles and so much more. The friendly associates, high-quality items and huge selection will keep you coming back in each time you visit Woodward.

Gleeful Peacock
1913 W Tacoma St
Broken Arrow, OK

Gleeful Peacock designs are handmade in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with as much glee as possible. The line is designed by owner Nikki Halgren and is an ode to vintage designs, color, and warm memories. Inspiration comes from all things that make you smile and the belief that the world is a beautiful place. Modern color schemes and a few pop culture references make for a fun and gleeful line. All of their items are hand-painted, so every item you get is a one-of-a-kind.

Shuff’s Main Street Grill
112 W Main St
Jones, OK

Located in a quaint storefront along the Main Street in Jones, Shuff's Main Street Grill offers a wide variety of American favorites. Cheeseburgers and homemade onion rings top the list of crowd favorites, though Shuff's also serves up tasty french fries, chili cheeseburgers, chicken salad sandwiches and more. This old fashioned burger joint hand cuts the fries and onions before preparing them to perfection, so they never see the inside of a freezer or underside of a heat lamp. If you've got room left after the meal, get a slice of Shuff's famous apple or coconut cream pie. A full breakfast is also available.